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"A man who works with his hands is a laborer;
a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; 
but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist."
-Louis Nizer, American lawyer (1902-1994)

Stainless Steel Wall sculpture, custom work


My inspiration comes from studying the nature around us. The intricate structure of a leaf, robustness of grass wind blowing through an open window, or moon reflecting in the water, all create the logical harmony of our nature’s “building blocks”. The nature is pure, clean, and precious in its own creation. Such insights are on my mind when creating sculptures.

In my figurative sculptural work, I incorporate into my abstract vision a timeless beauty of a human form. It is obviously the most loaded of all forms because we live in one.

My preferred medium is stainless steel. The highly polished surface of it enhances the sculpture to another vital dimension. In addition to the shape, the surrounding space now comes into play through the additional reflection. The whole environment is reflected as well as the viewer in the mirror-like surface and thus becomes a part of the artwork.

In addition to sculptures, my paintings and relief prints bridge the gap between 2 and 3 dimensions and explore the visual relationship between the two artistic arenas.


From the beginning of his life Alex was privy to both, technical and artistic views of the world. While his father taught him the
ageless techniques of wood and metal craft, his mother opened his eyes to the possibilities of artistic imagination. Alex
studied at the Technical School of Machinery Construction and received his Master Degree in Sculpture and Industrial
Design from a very selective and prestigious Academy of Arts Architecture and Design Prague, Czech Republic.
Alex Kveton’s work has been widely exhibited and can be found in permanent collection of Czech National Gallery in
Prague, Museum of Art Ostrava Czech Republic, MoMA New York City, Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum in
Atlanta, GA and in numerous private and corporate collections in Europe, USA, South America, Canada and Russia. His
work has received many awards and he shares a US patent for AlgoRytm Technologies, a non-deformational bending of
material. He currently lives and works in Saugerties, NY with his wife Barbara.


-Technical school of Mechanical Engineering, Ostrava, Czech Republic
- Academy of Arts Architecture and Design, Prague, Czech Republic – Master Degree

- Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA (series of titanium columns)
- National Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic
- Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum, Atlanta, GA (“Porcupine Caribou”)
- Catskills Garden Club, Catskills, NY ("Winter Flower)
- Raiffeisen Bank, St.Polten, Austria (“Fountain”)
- Chamber of Commerce, Tarrytown, NY (“Headless Horseman” design & artist proof)
- Lechner Food Chain, Austria (“Bronze relief & Sign”)
- Castle Restaurant, Opava, Czech Republic (“Bronze sculpture”)
- City Hall, Ostrava, Czech Republic (“Fountain”)
- Vitkovice Steel, Czech Republic (“Man of Steel” -sculpture series)
- Bohumin Steel, Czech Republic (“Award Medals”)
- Department store, Ostrava, Czech Republic (“Relief”)
- Executive office of Garment Factory, Fridek-Mistek, Czech Republic (Relief series)
- Vitkovice Steel, Czech Republic (“Entrance Wall Relief”)
- Shopping Center, Ostrava, Czech Republic (“Sundial”)
- High School, Karvina, Czech Republic (“Spring Blossom”)
- North Moravian Power Plant, Czech Republic (“Wall Relief”)
- Vitkovice Steel, Czech Republic (“Open Coal Mine Excavator“-design)


USA, South America, Canada, UK, Germany, Russia, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovakia.

- United States Patent 6,640,605 B2, coauthor, Non-deformational bending of metal
- American Art Awards, 2016, Winner in Sculpture Category
- New York Foundation for the Art, Grand
- Marry O Fritchie Art Show, Best in Sculpture
- Woodstock Artists Association & Museum, Best in Show
- Cambridge Who’s Who, Life time Membership
- Marry O Fritchie Art Show, Best in Sculpture
- Woodstock Artists Ass. & Museum, The People’s Choice Award
- Cooperstown Art Association, National Exhibition, Best in Sculpture
- Artist Talk on Art, Annual Competion Curator’s Choice

Florida Design Magazine – Vol 26 #4, 2016
Florida Design Magazine – „On The Waterfront“, Vol 25 #3, 2015
Florida Design Magazine –“Elegant Ingenuity“, Vol 21#4, 2011
Almanac Weekly, NY- “Saugerties Studio Tour“, August 2011
Saugerties Times- “Man, Motion, Meaning” , August 2011
The Daily Mail- “A Winterflower grows”, November 2011
Florida Design Magazine, Vol 18#2, 2008
The Daily Mail, Catskill, NY- “Leggio Park aims for uplift”, October 2010
Interior & Design Magazine, Russia –“Golden Logic“, October 2010
Saugerties Times- “Saugerties Art a GO GO”, July 2008
Art Times- “Culturaly Speaking“, April 2008
Washington Spaces- “Turning Passion into business”, Fall 2005
Metropolis Magazine- “Bend the rules of Structures”, June 2003
Queens Botanical Garden News-“New Tree Gate Sculpture”, Summer 2002
Staten Island Advance –“From suitcase to success“, 1998
Atelier, SCVU -“Vedi, co je ceka...?“, 1989

Cambridge Who’s Who-Lifetime Memebrship, International Sculpture Center, Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild,
Woodstock Artists Association & Museum


- Onessimo Fine Art, Palm Beach Garden, FL (solo sculpture)- 2015, 2018, 2021

- ASK Gallery, Kingston, NY - 2016
- Gallery 1, Prague, Czech Republic -2013
- Monika Olko Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY (solo sculpture)- 2013, 2015
- Galerie Beseda, Ostrava, Czech Republic -2012
- Marleau Gallery, Saugerties, NY (solo sculpture) - 2012
- Armory Art Center, West Palm Beach, FL -2012
- RVS Fine Art, Southampton, NY -2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
- Doghouse Gallery, Saugerties, NY -2011
- 721 Gallery, Kingston, NY-2011
- Merz Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY-2010
- Union Mills Gallery, Catskill, NY -2009
- Woodstock Artists Association & Museum, NY -2008
- Hudson Gallery West, Hoboken, NJ -2005
- Czech Center Gallery, NYC, NY -1999
- Alten Herrenhause and Gallery, Kilb, Austria -1982
- Raiffeisen Bank, St. Polten, Austria -1982


- Jane Street Art Center, Saugerties, NY 2022, 2023, 2024

- The Atlantic Contemporary Gallery, Fernardina Beach, FL 2024

- Onessimo Fine Art, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 2009-2014

- Onessimo Fine Art, Palm Beach, FL  2020-2023

- Chasen Galleries, Sarasota, FL 2017-2024

- MAC Fine Art Galleries, Delray Beach, FL 2022-2024

- MAC Fine Art Galleries, Ft.Lauderdale, 2014-2024

- Monika Olko Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY 2013-2024

- ADC Fine Art, Cincinnati, OH 2020-2024

- Hamptons Fine Art Fair, Southampton, NY 2021, 2022, 2023

- Olive Branch Gallery, Olivebridge, NY 2022

- Context Art Miami, Miami, FL 2020

- OMG Art Fair, Kingston, NY

- Lockwood Gallery, Kingston, NY

- Art on Centre, Fernardina Beach, FL 2019-2023

- Emerge Gallery, Saugerties, NY 2019
- Cross Contemporary Art, Saugerties, NY
- Form Miami, Miami Beach, FL- 2017
- Wilderstein Sculpture Biennial, Rhinebeck, NY
- Red Dot Miami, FL
- Chasen Galleries, Richmond, VA
- ArtHamptons, Bridgehampton, NY
- Marleau Gallery, Saugerties, NY
- The Gallery At The Factory, Saugerties, NY
- Woodstock Artist Association & Museum, NY
- Rye Art Center, Rye, NY
- Boscobel House & Gardens, Cold Spring, NY
- John Raimondi Gallery, Rockport, MA
- The National Arts Club, NYC, NY
- Fletcher Gallery, Woodstock, NY
- Winston Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY 2011-2013
- Clove Church Studio & Gallery, Saugerties, NY
- Oriole 9, Woodstock, NY
- Artefact Gallery, Lake Worth, FL
- Tomlyn Gallery, Tequesta, FL
- Kleinert Gallery, Woodstock, NY
- Chase Edwards Gallery, Oyster Bat, NY
- Towbin Museum, Woodstock, NY
- OPUS 40 Gallery, Saugerties, NY
- Chasen Galleries, Charlotte, NC
- RVS Gallery, Southampton, NY
- Merz Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY
- ArtExpo, New York, NY, Cooperstown, NY
- The Spot Gallery, Art Basel Miami, FL
- Ed Chasen Gallery, Washington DC
- Michael Nelson Gallery, Saugerties, NY
- The National Art Exhibition, Cooperstown, NY
- Lurie Fine Art, Miami, FL
- Highland Sculpture Gallery, Carmel, CA
- Catskills Gallery, Saugerties NY
- A-Forest Gallery, New York, NY
- Morrison Gallery, Kent, CT
- Gallery Du Soleil, Tarrytown, NY
- Trowbridge-Lewis Galleries, Middleburg, VA
- Delaware Museum of Natural History, DE
- CS.Schulte Gallery, Milburn, NJ
- Museum Of Art, Ostrava, Czech Republic
- Czech Sculptors Associates, Czech Republic
- Gallery Dilo, Prague, Czech Republic
- “Young Artists and Industry”, Vitkovice Steel, Ostrava, CR
- “Artists of Moravian Region”, Olomouc, CR
- “Young Artists in Prague”, Prague, CR

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